Ups and Downs

Tuesday last week seemed to start off on a good note. We were getting our contract settled and we were starting to get our ideas cemented. However, we ran into a small snag when we realized that the HCC did not have a 360 camera available and the one in the art department was potentially going to be difficult to use. Luckly, the DTLC got one last week that we were able to use this week. We did our first day of filming on Tuesday this week. We got 360 images of each room to start and see how they look and figure out the editing process. We also filmed for 5 different artifacts. Our plan at this point is to go back next Tuesday and film the rest of the artifact options we were given and redo and 360 shots we know we need to do then. While we are still not sure that we will be making 10 videos, we decided to film all the artifacts as the decision on how many we will do will be based on how long it takes to edit the footage. Then, if we decide that the editing doesn’t take too long we can jump right into editing since we will already have the footage. We hit a few snags, but we are finally heading in a good direction.

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