Project Nerves Setting In

We’ve gone over a lot of great tools so far and I can see how they can be useful in a lot of different digital history projects. However,  based on what our group has discussed so far, it seems like our project will be mostly video based. We have a few things in our ambitious goals category that dip into other fields, andI know we are doing what the museum wants,  but I wish we had the opportunity to utilize more of the tools being shown to us.

Creating the contact is going to be interesting. We have the main goal of creating the 360 tour and then several smaller potential add ons. It will be interesting trying to figure out what is feasible and how to format the extra ideas. I was thinking something along the lines of “here are seven other potential things we would like to do.  We plan to compete at least three of these.” If we do more, yay, if not, we’ve given ourselves a workload we can work with while giving us the opportunity for more if we have the time.

The topic modeling was very interesting. I definitely think there were a few things that could be added to the ambitious column. Like the network of Monroe’s communications could reveal something interesting: who were his influencers and echo did he influence. I’m sure there are other ways we could format topics that the museum would potentially be interested in seeing.

One thought on “Project Nerves Setting In

  1. I totally agree that making the contracts has been and will continue to be an interesting process. It’s been tricky to see what goals are going to become a reality and what things are going to have to be reserved for stretch goals. I’m excited to see what you group ultimately decides on.

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