Final Steps

With the project being due on Tuesday next week we are finishing up fine details and fine tuning little things. For me personally, that means a list of website edits including things that need to be done amd others we’d like to have done. I need to add final featured images on the site to replace the temp photos I originally put in as well as cite the pictures I have already changed. I also need to reformat some of the pages like changing the artifacts page to a Hotspot library with all of our videos as well as previous projects on the James Monroe Museum as we decided to include those in our hotspot. Emily added a bibliography page so we need to get that updated and I am working on finishing our About page and adding a brief description of each page to explain each pieces purpose. Some possible changes that aren’t entirely necessary include changing the color of text when hovering over a link. Right now its a baby pink and while its not that bad, we want to see if we can change it. We also want to resize the slideshow images so that they are thinner and don’t overpower the main page so much.

Everyone else has some little things, most of us are editing videos and Emily will be adding in the closed captioning on all the videos once they have been completed. Sarah is researching previous projects. Lesya is waiting for all the videos to be done so that everything can be put together. While it seems like a lot I’m confident it will all get done and be beautiful.

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