Comparing Progress with Our Contract

When we first started the project, we progressed in our tasks than any of us could have anticipated. However, as time has gone and we’ve gotten to a part of the project that takes some more fine tuning, our deadlines have started catching up with us. Due to scheduling conflicts and Spring Break we finished filming later than we had originally planned, but still mostly meeting our deadline. However, it took longer to get the scripts finalized so we have only recently sent them to the Speaking Center for their aides to help record. Additionally, we had planned to finish editing this week, but without the voice overs and other time conflicts we haven’t been able to finish everything. However, since we have moved quicker in other areas we have more time now to focus on video editing and have even started on some of our reach goals like the StoryMap which Sarah has been working on. I know video editing won’t be simple, but at this point, it is our main focus so I am confident we will get it finished in a timely manner even if we haven’t been able to meet the deadline we put in our contract. I am very happy with how we have progressed even with some of our ups and downs.

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