Creating a Digital Identity

This week we focused on how to create a digital identity. There is no set format or way to create this identity, giving people lots of options as they try to create a digital portfolio. Some lessons that I have learned while viewing others websites and advice blogs:

  1. From Jessica Reingold I learned that my profile does not need to completely serious. The language that she used was very personable and friendly. I also liked that at the bottom she included just some general likes and hobbies she has that let people reading her profile get to know her a erosion in addition to her professional experience.
  2. From Dr. McClurken I learned that you should link reverent content. To a certain degree I have this because I use my blog for many of my class, but I could add other material to help build my digital portfolio.
  3. From Build a Digital Footprint You Can be Proud of, I learned that while you cannot always get rid of something bad (like on third party publications) you can try to burry it under a lot of good.
  4. From How is the Internet Watching You, the fact that nothing that I do is really private was represented in a terrifying way.
  5. From Danah Boyd I learned that a digital identity is not something that you work on once and then never look at again. You should regularly review and update the public profile that you put out. Additionally, you should be aware of everything you post, not just your own blog. People can find you public profile and that nasty comment you made on so and sos blog as well.

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