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Contract Struggles

Contract Struggles

This week we discussed contracts. In general, we needed to make everything a little more specific. We’ve run into a couple of snaggs since we couldn’t get the camera that we originally wanted, but hopefully we will be able to get one from the art department. In regards to getting more details for everything, we are working out more details of why we are using each tool and what we hope to accomplish with it. Although we thought we had enough, I can see why we need to explain more to ensure that what we want to do is clear.

Although we have added more specifics to our contract, we still need to get a 360 camera and learn to use it. Once we have done that we can get a better, more accurate timeline. We still have a few things to work out, but I am confient that we will get everything figured out to get our contract finalized.

Using Topic Modeling and Network Analysis

One interesting way to use this would be creating a network that shows who James Monroe talked to and the connections between them as well. As president he talked to many people of influence and it would be fascinating to see who he communicated with. It could also be intriguing to see how those communications changed before, during, and after his presidency.

Another method would be to see the frequency of topics he wrote about to figure out what was important to him. This could be done using letters and documents that he wrote. Again, this could be compared to see how these views changed before, during, and after his presidency.